Our Best Selling Lena Pants

Our Lena Pants have instantly been a best seller since their release in 2020.  We now offer them in multiple fabrications, including Silk Canvas, Silk Herringbone, Raw Silk, French Cotton Twill and Cotton Poplin.

Silk Canvas is a fabrication that is a woven blend of cotton and silk.  This fabrication has the most structure of the silks as the weave is tight and comparable to modern silk twill fabric.

Silk Herringbone is a fabrication that is 100% silk.  Herringbone refers to a zigzag weave that goes across the width of the fabric.  This weave is special in that it allows significant drape and a luxurious feel.  This fabric is more lightweight compared to the silk canvas - yet substantial enough for most seasons and can be dressed up or down.

Raw silk, also known as silk noil is a 100% silk fabrication.  Raw silk has a nubby textural feel and is also lightweight.  This fabric is one of the most sustainably made fabrics as it is manufactured by using excess silk fibers from other silk productions and repurposed into a fabric of its own - giving it that beloved organic feel. Our Raw Silk Lena Pants come in two different inseam lengths; your choice of 26" inseam (best recommended for 5'6 and under) and a 29" inseam (best recommended for over 5'7)


French Cotton Twill is a 100% cotton fabrication.  Twill is commonly used in chinos, khakis, dockers - your traditional pant.  It has been custom washed and dyed yet we find this fabric softens up and drapes best after a few home washes and wear.

Cotton Poplin is a cotton fabrication that is what is commonly used in oxford/long sleeve button up work shirts.  We made the topiary striped Lena pant out of cotton poplin.  It is lightweight and most suitable for indoor or warm season wear.