MIRANDA BENNETT STUDIO is a line of elevated go-to apparel. Released in seasonless, capsule collections, our design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity, with an emphasis on versatilie and convertible shapes. Dyed primarily with plant derived color, our garments and textiles are cut from premium, natural fabrics. 

Miranda Bennett Studio was born in NYC in 2006, established by the Parsons School of Design educated designer. The collection began as a line of women's wear produced in New York City's Garment Center. 

In 2013, the studio relocated operations to Austin, TX and transitioned to an emphasis on small batch, naturally dyed apparel and textiles released in the Edition format.

The Edition series feature new and unique designs as well as a continuous dialogue with prior Editions, by re-imagining the fabrications, proportions, cut and colorways of previously released styles. 

Our collections pay tribute to women across the wide variety of fields we inhabit with timeless, quality apparel and textiles that can journey from day to evening, location to location. The collection is designed, cut and dyed on the company premises at 1223 Rosewood Avenue in Austin, TX.

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