The Tried & True Best Sellers / Candles, Incense & Home Fragrance


$ 720.00
A carefully tailored collection of some of our most popular and beloved home fragrances from over the years. These items are staples for our returning customers and always bring new customers back into our shop wanting more. The products in this collection give a well-rounded impression of the variety and breadth of Na Nin Fragrance by including some of our most iconic and unique items.
The Tried & True Best Sellers order includes:  

With purchase of this order, you will receive a complimentary 5oz candle of each scent, a complimentary 16oz Home Spray, and a complimentary 12ct bag of incense of each scent.  Being able to test the scents in your home/shop is a wonderful way to experience our fragrances and to introduce them to your customer base.

Pairings 5oz & 8oz candles come packaged in a stamped drawstring pouch.
Places 5oz candles come in a 2-part white gift box. Places 8oz candles come with a cork top.
Incense cones come in a wax pouch inside a white gift box.
Home Spray comes in an amber bottle with spray top.

Candles have the following estimated burn times:
5oz candle - up to 25 hrs
8oz candle - up to 35 hours

All items are handmade at our studio in Richmond, VA. 
Ingredients can be found by following the links to individual listings.
Please allow for a lead time of 2-4 weeks when placing your order.