Na Nin Places Collection: Votive Candle Trio Gift Set

$ 28.00

This set includes three 2.5oz votive candles in our Places Collection scents; Playa de Taganga, Somoto Canyon, Amalfi Coast.

The Places collection ties into the brand's foundation of nostalgia and love of travel.  This set is the perfect introduction to our latest collection, exclusive to our in-store and online customers.

Playa de Taganga is a cool, beachy summer scent with main notes of beach wood and sea air. 

"While traveling in Columbia and stopping in a beach town, Playa de Taganga, we made friends with other travelers and locals, collecting beach wood and telling stories near the sea."

Somoto Canyon is a fresh, sharp, and evoking scent with main notes of black currant and palo santo and is one of our favorite scents to date.

"On a trip to Nicaragua we went body rafting in Somoto Canyon, where there were moments of the most intense silence, soon followed by echoes that sparked a magical feeling.  The combination of black currant and palo santo brings back memories from that excursion."

Amalfi Coast is a cool leathery scent with main notes of leather, rain mist and santal.

"During a semester of traveling abroad in Italy with two friends, we made a weekend trip to the Amalfi Coast - there were markets that consisted of leather goods and there was a mist in the early mornings that evoked a connection to the water and land."