Places Core Order / Candles


$ 594.00
The Places Collection ties into the brand's foundation of nostalgia, travel, and memory. Each scent takes its name from a special destination that we feel a connection to. Follow the link to discover products available in each scent: 

The Places Collection Core / Candles order includes:

With purchase of this order, you will receive a complimentary 5oz candle of each scent.  Being able to test the scents in your home/shop is a wonderful way to experience our fragrances and to introduce them to your customer base.

Places 5oz candles come in a 2-part white gift box. Places 8oz candles come with a cork top.

Candles have the following estimated burn times:
5oz candle - up to 25 hrs
8oz candle - up to 35 hours

All items are handmade at our studio in Richmond, VA. 
Ingredients can be found by following the links to individual listings.
Please allow for a lead time of 2-4 weeks when placing your order.