na nin

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  • Description

    Hand soaked incense cones perfect for relaxation and meditation. 

    Each box comes with 26 individual incense cones. 

    Please choose at checkout which fragrance you would like to purchase from your following choices 

    Black Pepper / Cedarwood - light spicy scent with strong smoky notes

    Blood Orange / Cypress - clean citrusy scent with strong green notes

    Cannabis / Opium Den - a bright clean scent 

    Dark Neroli / Lotus Flower - a sweet, floral scent with light neroli notes

    Fig Leaf / Olive Branch - a sweet scent with light olive notes and strong

    Palo Santo / Desert Rose - a light dusty rose scent with strong palo santo notes

    *Incense cones roughly 1 inch in size, 26 count, hand soaked in premium grade fragrance and essential oils.