Na Nin Signature Collection : 5oz Candle / Available In Multiple Scents

$ 20.00

All of our signature fragrances are available in 5 oz candles sold individually - choose from :



a smoky pine scent. Blended notes of tobacco, pine, amber, cypress & vetiver.

Inspired by riding around with my dad in his 1954 Willys Jeep & listening to The Band.



a country, floral scent. Blended notes of rose, geranium, basil & lavender.

Inspired by gardening with my mom while listening to Bob Dylan.



a cool, fresh, rejuvenating scent with sharp hints of musk and ginger. 

Blended notes of sweet majoram, ginger and petitgrain. Inspired by a transitional time - often taking night drives, listening to Johnny Cash with a strong desire to be anonymous and start anew.



 a spicy floral scent with hints of citrus & musk. Blended notes of black pepper, angelica root, mandarin, amber & rose.

Inspired by listening to this Dolly Parton classic, while envisioning a beautiful heartbreaker who's always finding herself into trouble.



an earth mama scent. Blended notes of patchouli, cedarwood, rosewood & sandalwood.

Inspired by the ultimate gypsy lady, Stevie Nicks



a woodsy, green scent.  Blended notes of juniper, conifer, cedarwood, vetiver, and cannabis. 

Inspired from this quote by Little Feat, " I've been kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet, had my head stoved in, but I'm still on my feet and I'm willin', oh, I'm willin "


RIPPLE : a fresh beach scent.

Blended notes of sage, salt water, patchouli & smoke

Inspired from a first time "I love you" on a trip to Nicaragua.




Ingredients: essential oils, fragrance, soy wax

Hand blended and poured to order, please allow up to 7-10 business days prior to shipping.