"Truthfully, Wolfgar Handmade kind of started by accident. A few years ago I bought a 1916 craftsman style home that basically needed to be completely gutted and renovated. I dove into the work head first and the process left me with plenty of scrap wood, sockets and power tools--not to mention loads of new handyman skills. I took an electrical trades class in high school and spent years in bands accumulating and tinkering with musical equipment. One day curiosity led me to see what I could make from this hodgepodge of leftover materials. The end result was a simple wood block lamp with a single bulb, now called the Winnifred Lamp, which was initially intended only to be gifted to friends and family members. Over time interest grew and I eventually decided to create an Etsy store for these and my other pieces and Wolfgar Handmade was born." -Wolfgar

The Winnifred Lamps are made out of individual boards of poplar steam-glued together.  They are cut to size and bored to accommodate the bulb socket, switch and electrical components. After that they are sanded, stained and the bottom is lined with fabric to ensure they don't damage any surfaces they rest on.

The Winnifred has a stripped-down modern design that retains the natural qualities of the wood because it’s made using an uncomplicated process that emphasizes the uniqueness of each piece--imperfections and all.