Na Nin Signature Collection : 8oz Candle / Available in Multiple Scents

$ 28.00

All of our signature fragrances are available in 8 oz candles sold individually - choose from:



a smoky pine scent. Blended notes of tobacco, pine, amber, cypress & vetiver.

Inspired by riding around with my dad in his 1954 Willys Jeep & listening to The Band.



a country, floral scent. Blended notes of rose, geranium, basil & lavender.
Inspired by gardening with my mom while listening to Bob Dylan.



a cool, fresh, rejuvenating scent with sharp hints of musk and ginger. 

Blended notes of sweet marjoram, ginger and petitgrain. Inspired by a transitional time - often taking night drives, listening to Johnny Cash with a strong desire to be anonymous and start anew.



 a spicy floral scent with hints of citrus & musk. Blended notes of black pepper, angelica root, mandarin, amber & rose.

Inspired by listening to this Dolly Parton classic, while envisioning a beautiful heartbreaker who's always finding herself into trouble.



an earth mama scent. Blended notes of patchouli, cedarwood, rosewood & sandalwood.
Inspired by the ultimate gypsy lady, Stevie Nicks



a woodsy, green scent.  Blended notes of juniper, conifer, cedarwood, vetiver, and cannabis. 

Inspired from this quote by Little Feat, "I've been kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet, had my head stoved in, but I'm still on my feet and I'm willin', oh, I'm willin"


RIPPLE : a fresh beach scent.

Blended notes of sage, salt water, patchouli & smoke

Inspired from a first time "I love you" on a trip to Nicaragua.




Ingredients: essential oils, fragrance, soy wax

Hand blended and poured to order, please allow up to 7-10 business days prior to shipping.