"I believe in sentiments, fresh flowers, and the people that treasure them too. The Object Enthusiast is my blog and shop where I share life lessons and the vessels that fill the spaces inbetween. Here, I create heirlooms for the modern traditionalist. Holding a mound of clay and working with it until it becomes another person’s treasure truly makes my heart full.
Sharing stories is the way in which I share my life and my passions. It is through ceramics that these stories often find tangible form and come to life for me. It was my sophomore year of college when I met the man who would change my path and put that spark of love for ceramics in my life. Yoshi Ikeda had a tough love approach to teaching, and he saw something buried in me that was ready to surface when I took that first class. It is with his mentoring—and his personal wheel and kiln that were gifted to me when he retired—that I am able to share these tangible stories with you today. Taking the leap into a career as a ceramic artist, I will always be a student at heart. Learning from those past lessons, friendly interactions, and the world around me, I aim simply to put good work into the world. My hope is that the products of my passions and my stories can become part of your future fond memories." - EMILY OF THE OBJECT ENTHUSIAST