Na Nin Signature + Pairings Collection : Perfume Oil Sample Pack / Multiple Options Available

$ 42.00

We're so excited to announce our updated and elevated perfume oil sample packs! We now offer our bestselling perfume oils in four different trial sets of both our pairings and signature collections.

The first 4 signature set includes our classic favorites Cripple Creek, Landslide, Farewell, and Jolene.

The expanded signature set of 6 includes Cripple Creek, Landslide, Farewell, Jolene, Willin', and Ripple.

The first pairings set of 5 includes our classics - Palo Santo/Desert Rose, Cannabis/Opium Den, Black Pepper/Cedarwood, Dark Neroli/Lotus Flower, and Fig Leaf/Olive Branch.

The second pairings set of 5 includes a selection of our newer scents - Amber/White Tea, Coconut/Sandalwood, Smokey Oud/Tobacco Rose, Blood Orange/Cypress, and Sea Salt/Sand Dunes. 

These sets make the perfect gift and can also serve as the beginnings of a personal collection for those who are new to Na Nin fragrances.