Na Nin In-House Collection : 4oz + 8oz Candle / Multiple Scents Available

$ 22.00

We're thrilled to offer our collection of in-house candles featuring our favorite single note scents, in both a regular 8oz and a miniature 4oz travel size. Perfect as a gift for holiday or special occasions. Made with premium fragrance and essential oils. 

Cedarwood - warm and grounding, well known and loved in so many of our signature fragrances.

Rosewood - vibrant and resonant, evocative of the fragrant precious wood native to Brazil.

Magnolia - softly emulates the classic, beautiful scent of a magnolia tree blossoming in summer.

Palo Santo - truly reminiscent of a smoldering stick of palo santo, with notes of rich smoky wood and sharp resin.

Patchouli - beautifully earthy and spicy, perfect for burning in the evening.

Virginia Pine - green and woodsy, a scattering of pine needles on fresh earth.