Designer and self-taught jeweler, Marisa Howard, finds inspiration in a variety of traditional aesthetics, from textiles to architecture.  An Oregon native with small town roots, she has a connection to the Northwest landscape and way of life. Drawing on the Oregon coast in particular, to bring color and texture to her designs.

Having worked in many creative mediums throughout her life, making jewelry came about naturally but almost by accident. The original designs were born out of a love for found objects and a desire to give them new life. This eventually led to the desire to create her own unique objects. Objects that could take on their own life and story over time. This story spoke to enough people that eventually a business was born.

The designer tries to add a new skill or perspective to each collection, with the hope that the audience will stay engaged and the story will go on.

“You are the music, while the music lasts.” – T.S. Eliot