Leaves and Flowers Tea - Multiple Blends Available

Leaves and Flowers

$ 26.00

A selection of favorite teas to enjoy from Leaves and Flowers. Three blends available below: 


anise hyssop, tulsi, lavender

flavor notes - fresh, floral, pure
In the Hindu tradition, ‘Ajna’ is the name of the 6th primary chakra (or third-eye point). While a person’s two eyes see the physical world, the third eye connects to one’s intuition. Our Ajna infusion is a blend of 3 highly resonant plants with deep attuning properties. Calming, clarifying, harmonizing.  All ingredients are harvested from sustainable farms in Northern California.  20-22 servings per package. 


fennel, anise, cardamom, cumin, ginger

flavor notes - warming, spicy, sweet
Formulated in collaboration with nutritionist and chef, Jennifer Hall Taylor of Buckwheat to Butter, Seed Tea is a unique blend of seeds and roots formulated to assist the body's digestive and circulative function. To be consumed anytime of day, but particularly potent before or after a meal. Ingredients are cultivated without the use of chemicals. 20-22 servings per 3oz package.


lemon verbena, peppermint, tarragon

flavor notes - fresh, pure, green
Inspired by a tisane classic, tarragon lends a round and pleasing sweetness to refreshing peppermint and aromatic verbena. All ingredients come from sustainable farms in Marin and Sonoma County and possess the wild and abundant nature of Northern California. 18-20 servings per 1oz package.

*Description borrowed from Leaves and Flowers