My name is Aron Fischer, creator of Facture Goods. I am a fourth generation maker, tinkerer, woodworker and artist.  I grew up watching my family turn spindles on a rickety homemade lathe in our barn, eating delicious rustic homegrown meals, and growing anything and everything you can imagine in the family garden.  These past experiences have fueled my insatiable hunger for functional, well made wares.  

Although I grew up outside of Saint Louis, Missouri, I found my life in Chicago, Illinois.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing, I was given an amazing opportunity to work for the company Anthropologie as a Display Coordinator.  While there, I traveled around the country opening stores, helping other creatives problem solve, and even built a Vespa out of wood (no seriously...I did that).  I ended up back in Missouri after my husband, John, was accepted to Medical School, where we have been since.  During his time in school, I decided to get my MFA in Sculpture (you can see my work here), and have been working on Art, Craft and Design ever since.  Being creative daily helped build upon my need to make, but it also taught me about craftsmanship and the importance and weight a handmade object can have.  

It is important to me that my work be affordable and attainable to as many people as possible...that is why I keep my prices where they are.  These objects mirror my love for the hand...and I want you to be able to have them in your home.