Na Nin In-House Collection : Perfume Oils / Multiple Scents Available

$ 28.00

We're excited to announce the addition of perfume oils to the in-house collection. This collection features our favorite single notes, ideal for a simple body fragrance.

Magnolia: softly emulates the classic, beautiful scent of a magnolia tree blossoming in summer.

Palo Santo: truly reminiscent of a smoldering stick of palo santo, with notes of rich smoky wood and sharp resin.

Rosewood: evokes the warm, resonant fragrance of the precious wood native to Brazil.

Patchouli: a beautifully earthy, spicy fragrance.

Our magnolia perfume oil is made with premium fragrance oil carried in a natural fractionated coconut oil. Our Palo Santo, Rosewood, and Patchouli perfume oils are 100% essential oils carried in a natural fractionated coconut oil.